Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving On

Hi Mascara fans!

And running fans, outdoor fans, adventure fans, fans of fans and friends and family! Hi Mom.

Apologies for the sudden departure, the long dry spell since our last post in January, the lack of good-byes or explanations or a simple redirect to let you know that we're still alive.

Runs with Mascara had a great run in 2011 - literally and figuratively. We ran mountains and trails, across streams and meadows, seeing sunsets and sun rises, with new friends and old. We ran in new places, ran in new skirts, ran in new mascaras, ran our first 50 miler and signed up for our first 100 miler (SPOILER ALERT: which we SO conquered).

Dana in the early morning hours at Zion 100
All along the way having our little venture, Runs with Mascara, made it more than just running and racing. It got us fired up with ideas, it got us laughing, it got us attention (Hello, Tracey Garneau!). It brought tears of laughter to our eyes as we conspired and planned and got friends jumping on the bandwagon to take Runs with Mascara to multi-sport, multi-state, as-seen-on-Ellen DeGeneres levels. It spoke to the essence of who we are and what we wanted to promote. Healthy, happy living and fun.

With 2012, Runs with Mascara went through changes both personally and professionally and it became apparent, that while the spirit of RWM would live on, we couldn't continue the focus as we had in 2011.

Dana found a true calling in long, long distance trail running and as she embarked on her first 100 mile race this past May she switched other gears, leaving office life to launch a personal training business, Ultra-U, and moving to Portland, Oregon.

I went in for surgery to remove a couple of meniscus tears in March after months of trying everything else to get better. It was my first surgery, my first knee issue. It jacked my ski season, my running, my chance to pace Dana at her 100M. To be honest, it maimed a bit of my heart and drive and passion. But I'm slowly on the mend.

And so, as Dana switched focus to creating her own incredible blog and brilliant website and I plundered into my personal dark space, it was time to put Runs with Mascara to bed. For now.

We'll still be out there on the blogs, just not here at RWM. Thank you for the support, the comments and the love! And the mascara, Blink!

For Dana, follow Ultra-U to keep tabs on her training adventures or to talk to her about your own personal training program.

For me? I'll still be throwing words around at, hopefully with more consistency. I think a chunk of my creativity was in my meniscus?

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